Sinanyan has lost all credibility

Glendale Councilman Zareh Sinanyan apologized for his racist vitriol rant for the first time on the dais since the April 2 elections.

I can accept his apology for his immaturity on his YouTube postings five years ago. What I can’t accept are his lies and distortions that it was fabricated by his opposition in a conspiracy to smear his good name. And for what? So that he can be seated on the dais as a City Councilman?

He said, “The only thing that matters to me is that I want to serve Glendale.” At what cost to the voters? This is no way to begin serving the people. The fact is that if he had admitted his earlier indiscretions prior to the election, he would not have been elected to the dais. His actions are indicative of what can we expect from him in the future. He has lost all credibility. Anything that he says in the future will need to be corroborated and verified with other independent sources. This makes him no better than the other corrupt council members sitting on the dais for their own selfish reasons. It’s so obvious that no one sitting on the City Council serves the people; only themselves, their developers and the unions. Their last term should not be served in office, but in a prison cell. Hopefully sooner than later.

Kenneth Landon

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