Keuroghelian should replace Sinanyan

In her May 8 letter to the Mailbag, Carol Weling was absolutely correct. If Zareh Sinanyan wants to serve the city, he should step down.

His viral rants were meant to be viewed worldwide. This behavior was not only disgusting, but in this day and age, it is dangerous. By staying on the City Council, he puts the council members and the entire city at risk of retaliation. His rants insulted so many people that any one of them might find a way to plot revenge. He won this office by lying and hiding from the voters. He did not attend any candidate forum where the people could have addressed this issue. We had no opportunity to find his opinions on many important matters.

After what he called women in his video, I can honestly say he does not represent me. He showed his lack of honor by attacking Laura Friedman for questioning his behavior. There was a disparaging article in the Asbarez paper about her “bad politics” of picking on him. He well deserved all the questioning he got. He never found the courage to answer directly. Winning was more important than honor, honesty or ethics.

I don't think we need a council member who is not concerned with our safety and who employs the “any means to an end philosophy.” For the safety of our city, Sinanyan should step down and Chahe Keuroghelian should take his place.

Mary Baldwin

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