Why is there a double standard?

Hang in there Councilman Sinanyan! Why should your comments made on the Internet years ago matter to the public when a conflict of interest by sitting council members went unchallenged at the voting booth in 2013?

In 2009, council members Friedman, Najarian and Quintero received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the subcontractors of Advanced Development and Investment Corp., a public housing company that today continues to be under federal investigation for "pay-to-play" politics. The subcontractors gave campaign contributions — to Najarian, $27,000; Quintero, $23,500; and Friedman, $16,000. As reported in the Los Angeles Times/ Glendale News-Press, Glendale City Council members received more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from the subcontractors of ADI, then our trusted council members voted to approve more than $30 million in public housing contracts.

When I questioned if there was a conflict of interest, Mayor Friedman and her colleagues all remained silent and claimed they had no knowledge who had given them campaign contributions.

Why wasn't there a public outcry and recall petition for Friedman, Najarian and Quintero by the same group of individuals wanting Zareh Sinanyan to resign? Why did the above council members have a sense of entitlement? They broke the public trust to win at any cost.

If Sinanyan has broken the public trust for not telling the truth, then why aren't the same high moral standards being put upon Friedman, Najarian and Quintero today? Why the double standard to win at any cost?

Mike Mohill

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