Sinanyan should face recall election

Even though Zareh Sinanyan has admitted to (and apologized for) writing those crass, bigoted comments on YouTube, a problem remains: the fact that he did not admit to it until after the election.

His statements regarding whether or not he was guilty of writing those comments were amorphous — he didn't give us a clear answer, neither outright denial or admission of guilt. He deceived the voters of Glendale. The 365 votes that separated him from Chahe Keuroghelian could have been from people who believed that Sinanyan did not write those comments (especially so, if they were aware of how easy it is to impersonate someone on the Internet). It's entirely possible that his City Council seat was won thanks to his deception.

That is why I believe that Sinanyan should face a recall election. The voters of Glendale deserve a chance to decide if they really want him, now that the truth is out.

Morgan Nrykkyyn

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