Complaints about airport are valid

The recent letter to the editor regarding the Bob Hope Airport and why it is in trouble is spot on.

Everything the writer lists is valid, including the steep daily parking fees, no direct flights and more. I too, long ago, used to use the airport on business and personal trips. But no more, as I got really discouraged when I had a nine- or 10-hour flight with stops in two cities to get to my destination. On top of that, the price difference between Burbank and LAX generally was much higher from Burbank, not to mention the fact that several airlines no longer use the facility. Late comedian Bob Hope would have been pleased at the name change, but probably would have felt disappointment at the unfortunate demise of this once proud airport, and been aghast at $31-a-day parking.

As Bob Dylan said: “The good old days are dead and gone.”

Gary Mercer

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