Sick and tired of Sinanyan-bashing

In the past month I read numerous comments regarding Zareh Sinanyan that states that he is a racist, etc.

I am sick and tried of this annoying Sinanyan-bashing. I must say that I do not support him and I do not know him, but the people have spoken and they want him in office. You do not want him, then recall his council seat, but the majority people want him. 

My family and I immigrated in the late ’80s, and experienced racism to this day from the original inhabitants of this wonderful city, and I am not talking about the Native Americans. Unfortunately, racism is both ways. If people really want to stop it, they should stop being naive about others’ ethnic backgrounds. Glendale is a wonderful city but it’s not perfect. If you do not like living in Glendale, then move to mono-ethnic town in Kansas, were I am sure you would love living. And if you need a Realtor, hit me up. You should realize that a small town might have murders and pedophiles.

Ovsep Megrabyan

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