Wi-Fi concerns

All the happy children in the Glendale Unified School District will soon be out of school for the summer. Looking forward to sleeping in, playing outside with friends, going to the pool or perhaps to the beach.

Maybe some will enroll in a summer camp of some sort. Hope springs eternal for the youth, right?

Not so fast now. What the kids don’t know and I don’t suggest we tell them, and what most of the parents don’t know is that these same healthy and happy children and youth will be walking into a toxic classroom in the fall. That is because over the summer contractors will be installing wireless routers in the classrooms of every public school in Glendale. Most would say that is wonderful, the convenience of it will be great and it will be a positive and energetic learning environment. All that is true, but non-thermal microwave radiation from cell phones, cell towers and Wi-Fi routers will cause some to get headaches, feel nauseous, have difficulty sleeping and worse. Hey, that’s OK, it’s just collateral damage. A few kids getting sick, so what? After all, this is the 21st century and we certainly don’t want to stand the way of progressive technology — do we?

Tony Passarella

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