Respect for the 'one voice'

It was with a good bit of shock I heard Mayor Dave Weaver at the June 11 city council meeting disparage the makeup of the Grand Jury. As he so succinctly stated the Grand Jury is not up to his standards.

After that display of male chauvinism, he proceeded to mock, bully, shout down and argue with Mike Mohill regarding the time allotted for speakers. Saying that he was tired of hearing the "one voice" group, all the while taking far more than the two minutes allotted to Mr. Mohill.

Mayor Weaver should take some time from his 17 years on the city council to learn some American history. This country was built by those who spoke with one voice. I am sure from his actions he would have silenced that ordinary housewife who after being tired from her work day did not want to sit in the back of the bus. As "one person", she said "I am tired and I am not moving to the back of the bus". That "one voice" from "one person" was that of Rosa Parks. An ordinary American woman, who with her "one voice" changed America.

Just as shocking and disturbing was that the other four council people and city staff sat silently while Mayor Weaver engaged in his diatribe of bigotry. Oh, and by the way, if the Grand Jury had not agreed with Harry Zavos, all that "outrage" from the City Council and staff about the Grand Jury decision would never have taken place. I for one am glad that there is some independent oversight to those who think that women, especially housewives, do not have the ability to think on matters of substance. Glendale is rapidly surpassing the city of Bell with its display for disdain of anyone daring to speak their minds about the usual fuzzy math engaged in by the city for salaries and pensions.

Carole Weling

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