Weaver displays courage and honesty

I haven't had a good opinion of Mayor Dave Weaver for some time and I have expressed it in the past in various ways, but at a recent council meeting he did something that impressed me very much.

When Harry Zavos stated that Weaver had described his (Zavos') legitimate and politely presented arguments regarding transfer of funds as “devious,” Weaver apologized without hesitation and with seeming sincerity. No denials, no obfuscations, no counterattacks.

I was moved by Weaver's courage and honesty. He did something that is so rare in public life these days: to recognize an error or wrong, admit it, make amends and move on. The people and the government of Glendale (like the rest of the United States) are facing many great difficulties ahead. But if our politicians, public officials, businessmen and everyone else approached their tasks with the kind of forthrightness and wisdom that Weaver displayed, we might just make it.

Aramazd Stepanian

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