Gadflies have nothing on Sinanyan

At the City Council meeting Tuesday, June 25, during oral communications, Mayor Dave Weaver spoke to having “taken the wrath of gadflies for 10 solid years.”

Weaver read aloud from a communication he said came from one local council critic: “[The writer] refers to City Council as ‘Satan’s Greedy Corps.’ “That’s what we are, Satan’s Greedy Corps…you wonder why I want to come down and punch him out …That’s terrible to me!”

What I want to do is write a letter comparing Weaver's vehemence over being called this while he had zero empathy for people opposed to the vitriolic language fellow City Council member Zareh Sinanyan was so fond of posting online. But this would require me to quote Sinanyan, and that would surely be censored. Satan’s Greedy Corps will probably make the cut. Would be funny, were it not so disgraceful.

Grey James

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