Prosperous times should be shared

Large cranes are hovering in skylines, heavy trucks move through the streets of our city as well as other cities, sounds of hammering and drilling, and the pleasant aroma of fresh earth tell us that hard-working construction workers are busy — a good sign.

Their time has come. They have been idle for too long. It is time for our city, our state and our country to move away from sleepy years and prosper.

So much has been written, positive or not, and will be written about where we are going. We are moving ahead and making progress. With all this new financial flourishing, we should be able also to feed the hungry and shelter homeless people, whose number has grown to 58,000 in the county, according to a recent LA. Times article. According to a previous write-up, hundreds of thousands of people in L.A. County don’t have enough to eat daily.

High-rise living quarters and successful businesses don’t mean anything when other people take shelters in doorways, hungry and frightened.

Sarkis S. Abrahamian

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