Citizens stand up to Glendale City Council

Why are citizens being vilified and bullied by the Glendale City Council and why are city employees always made to look like heroes?

We are appalled by certain council members who are determined to silence and discourage certain members of the public who are brave enough to voice their opinions and even, woe be to them, run for the city council. Unfortunately, these members do not get voted in because of an increasingly apathetic public and special interest groups — but that is another story.

City employees are not all heroes. We recall at least two former employees who were made out to be stellar employees of the city and ended up not being very stellar at all. We note these two former employees are not mentioned by the Glendale City Council.

We would ask that the Glendale City Council please take their constituents’ legitimate questions and concerns to heart and know that there are some members of the community who speak for others who are not brave enough to face an increasingly hostile city council and want their questions and concerns addressed. The public needs representatives that will speak for them.

We need a council that will address the concerns and needs of the public — not one that constantly pontificates on the greatness of the employees.

Mike and Maura Walsh

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