Paper or plastic?

Glendale is “going green” and has banned supermarkets from offering plastic bags for grocery carry-out and we are now charged for the paper bags. Why?

Plastic bags are an oil product. The oil came out of the ground, and it is perfectly safe to put the bag back in the ground. Of course, plastic bags weren't really banned. In the same supermarket where the cashier will not give me a plastic bag for my groceries, I can walk down aisle three and buy all the plastic bags I want.

Does anyone recall why we began to use plastic grocery bags in the first place? Remember the environmentalist claim that deforestation was going to cause the end of the world? We had to save the trees, and so paper grocery bags were banned and plastic bags introduced. Then environmentalists screamed we were running out of oil and the world was going to end — so paper bags were reintroduced.

But if oil is plentiful and the forests are safe, what is the real purpose of the plastic grocery bag ban and paper bag fee? To force us to use reusable bags.

Reusable bags are bothersome and filthy. The result? We are all irritated, poorer and dirtier.

Green is not the true color of the environmentalist religion. Black is; black the color of poverty and disease.

Ray Skelton

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