Smoking laws need to be enforced

The Fresh Air Ordinance for the city of Glendale is a joke because I have been imploring Neighborhood Services to enforce the ordinance against my violating neighbors for nearly three years. The key is enforcement since smokers obviously know that the ordinance is all bark and no bite.

Sure the non-smoking signs are up and multiple visits were made to the violators, but to the best of my knowledge, the tenants and property owner of the adjacent apartment complex have not been fined because the tenants continue to smoke.

Enforcement seems to be the main reason since fines can only be implemented if they are caught in the act of smoking, which is ridiculous. Making matters worse, the enforcement arm of the ordinance, Neighborhood Services, is not available after regular business hours and weekends when most of the smoking violations occur.

The inability of the city to enforce the ordinance has been pathetic. I think I may have to settle this matter in civil court.

Richard Kim

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