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Dangers of driving in Glendale

Reading the letter from D. Trent in the Wednesday, July 3 edition of the News-Press, “Envious of special driver’s licenses,” sparked me to chime in and agree wholeheartedly with his observations. But the writer does not go far enough. I’m a 20-year resident of the Columbus and Kenneth neighborhood, and I am appalled by what I witness from drivers on a daily basis. It is truly frightening coming to a four-way stop, not knowing if the opposing traffic will even slow down or just blow right through it. Red lights are not much better.

The number of drivers either talking on their cell phones or texting should make every resident nervous. I don’t have an explanation for this bad behavior, but it does seem worse in the Glendale area than in other parts of greater L.A.

I have an idea for the “Welcome to Glendale” signs at our town borders. The new signs should read, “Welcome to Glendale, where stop signs and red lights are just suggestions.”

James M. McCann