Acknowledging history, honoring victims

Kudos to the Glendale City Council for its persistence in approving the Comfort Women Memorial. There will always be opposition and controversy when victims of a tragedy are memorialized because the perpetrators want to deny or justify their acts. The Japanese government has taken 20 steps back (as in 20 years since its 1993 acknowledgment of the tragedy) by recently denying and downplaying the horrors that occurred during World War II.

Many oppose this memorial because it will cause divisiveness. Should we not honor the memories of the victims of the Holocaust because it will offend the Germans? Or shy away from speaking of the genocides that have taken place in so many countries? A society cannot truly progress until it acknowledges its history, even the painful part.

Thanks to the leaders in Glendale who led the charge and were a voice for so many who should be honored.

Suzie Nelson

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