Glendale park no place for monument

There remains division between victims and the perpetrators of the wrong they suffer throughout the world. This is a historical fact and the collective heritage of our species. Public displays of those wrongs are the icons of hope that those same wrongs will not be repeated. They should never serve to broaden the division of people or cultures. And they must find appropriate venues for display and discussion.

Public parks are not the time nor place for war atrocities or the debate they hope to encourage. The city of Glendale is not the appropriate crusader for display of “man’s inhumanity” or its savior on a world stage.

As citizens of this beautiful city and taxpayers contributing to the cost of parks, and the people that hope to enjoy them, we do not want these areas used to display politics or atrocities or division of one culture against another. These areas are for enjoyment and the opportunity for sharing of cultures and people united in a new future — an America determined to bring people together in a democratic society complete with all citizens of every country that desire a break from the past and its painful reminders.

Every nation has suffered. Does Glendale represent each of these countries and peoples with statues and space for grievances? Are all people of the world represented? And is Glendale the new voice in the wilderness crying out for vengeance, or seeker of peace and the voice of reconciliation?

Daniel Rey

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