Leaf blowers make too much noise in Glendale

My husband and I love Glendale. It is a beautiful, well-maintained city. However, the tremendous amount of noise and air pollution generated and tolerated daily by this city is mind-boggling. Between the daily slamming and beeping of garbage trucks, incessant toxic dust and racket of leaf blowers six days a week, frequent helicopter noise, not to mention barking dogs, screaming babies and other neighborly sounds such as television, life can become quite intolerable.

At least one of those major health hazards and mental stress sources can be eliminated by Glendale joining other enlightened cities and banning leaf blowers as a method of cleaning yards and driveways. I know I am not alone in wishing to see this utterly futile and harmful practice abolished.

I have started a petition which I hope enough other concerned citizens will join for us to be heard. It can be found at www.change.org/petitions/city-of-glendale-california-ban-leaf-blowers.

Mrs. Ahuda Gorman

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