The city has a little problem

I take great exception to the Glendale citywide litter article. What part of Glendale does Sandra Rodriguez, program coordinator of the Community Development Department, live in?

Try Kenilworth Avenue, one block west of Pacific Avenue, south of Doran Avenue to Milford Street. Two short blocks. The everyday list begins: food container and condiment trash from Jack-in-the-Box and McDonald’s; coffee cups, mostly from but not limited to Starbucks; numerous cigarette butts, just in front of our place alone.

Don’t blame the school students who walk by. The litter is left from late evening to early morning, when I have to pick it up. (Maybe that’s what helps keep Glendale clean.)

Now, the kicker: No one on either side of our block has a dog, but it is open season for dog poop to be left on the grass parkway, the lawn, the sidewalk and our driveway.

Milford Mini Park, with three trash barrels, is one short block away, where dog poop can be deposited. But, like the litter, it is not.

How about the big ticket items?

Try any street within a five-block radius and you will find abandoned bed mattresses, couches, broken chairs and TVs any day of the week, but bulky item pickup is Wednesday only. Since no one calls, the junk can remain for weeks.

Milford Mini Park has three big trash barrels and yet every day all the litter, garbage and yes, dog poop, again on the ground, in the park, makes a pig sty look clean.

William H. Minter

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