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Glendale’s streets need to be safer

I was a participant of The Glendale Safe and Friendly Streets a while back. I was the sole wheelchair pedestrian in attendance. I was hoping for safer streets for the cyclist, pedestrian and those in wheelchairs in my fair city.

Last week was the absolute worst. I had few errands to do. At Pacific Avenue and Riverdale Drive, a large black German car pulled into the crosswalk, directly in my path. I stopped and as the young male driver turned right I received the one-finger salute.


Coming south on Glendale Avenue a large, white Honda SUV cut across traffic to pull into a driveway right in my path on the sidewalk. I had to stop on the proverbial dime. The foul language, even with the accent, was understandable.

On crossing Glendale Avenue, going east on California, a silver German car blocked my ramp. He sped around the corner as I waited for the ramp to be available.


After completing my errand at the Glendale Fashion Square, I went south on Glendale Avenue to Wilson. When I was going east on Wilson, a black German car pulled into the crosswalk as I had just got over the crown of the street. I was forced to quickly veer sideways.

On my way to meet a friend for lunch on Brand Boulevard, a silver car turned right, blocking the crosswalk. Again I received the salute.

It’s a lot of near misses I encountered for one day, overwhelming, in fact. I am overly cautious, looking in all directions. It never fails that I get to experience one or more of these unpleasant encounters, as I’m out and about the city many times during the week.

If the streets and sidewalks were safer for me in the wheelchair, they would be safer for everyone.


Ann Jensen