Leaf blowers, or a well-kept neighborhood?

I am replying to the unpopular subject of leaf blowers. I believe that every resident on my street has a gardener. And although I hear the noise from these leaf blowers, I also hear the mower, which is louder, but it is not every moment of every day and I have become used to it. I enjoy living in a well-kept community.

The costs to rake all the leaves from this area with the many trees would increase if leaf blowers were banned. If another restriction were applied by Glendale officials, the homeowners would be punished unfairly when they should be instead complimented for keeping their homes well cared for, which does benefit everyone, and they are paying the bill.

If you succeed in creating another obtrusive law, the costs would climb for every resident and you who are irritated would have exchanged the occasional noise from the mower and the leaf blower for blocks and blocks of neglected yards with piles of leaves that with a slight breeze could end up in your yard because homeowners can no longer afford gardeners. It's your choice.

Edwina L. Hughes

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