City should help with barking dogs

Dog owners need to take responsibility for their pets, just like parents should for their children.

Living in the densely populated neighborhoods of Glendale and Sparr Heights, we have many challenges, as Tim Ragus, who recently wrote a letter (“City must stop nuisance barking,” Mailbag, Aug. 10), so aptly pointed out.

I was outraged to read about all the work he has had to do to try to document what has to be a living hell for him and his neighbors and to receive no help. It is shocking that neither the police nor the ASPCA have helped in this matter. I donate to the ASPCA and respect their work, but if what Ragus says is accurate, it seems they want to collect money but are short on assistance in what is clearly a very unpleasant situation for the dogs and neighbors.

I don’t know if he has tried talking to his neighbors about the problem. We did. The response was downright rude. I haven’t called the police or the ASPCA yet but after reading about Ragus’ experience, I won’t.

I am writing to support his request for help from the city to help with nuisance barking he and his neighbors are enduring, maybe through education or ticketing the owners whose dogs are misbehaving. After all, it is natural for dogs to bark. Their owners have the tools to train them not to, or at least they should try to supervise them.

I would like to ask dog owners to be kind and control your dogs from barking, and also pick up after them.

Roana Thornock

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