Disheartened by Glendale's drivers

I was most disheartened by my fellow drivers on a recent day. As I drove south on Cañada Boulevard, I noticed a pedestrian at the southeast corner of El Rito Avenue waiting for traffic to stop so she could cross to the west side of Cañada. I stopped. The woman tried to wave me on as she saw other vehicles coming that were about a block away.

I thought the drivers coming up behind me might realize I was stopped for a pedestrian.

I counted no less than 12 other vehicles whiz by me or go around me, never even slowing down. By now, a postal worker also stood at the corner to cross, making it even easier to see two pedestrians waiting to cross the four lanes of traffic. Finally, there was a big break in the traffic so the pedestrians were able to cross the street. I wish I could have issued tickets to each of those vehicles who didn't stop or even slow down.

I continued on my way, coming up to the red light for the left-turn lane in front of the Civic Auditorium. There are two left-turn lanes to Mountain Street; I was in the outside left-turn lane when a young woman on my right, who was in a through lane and had the green light, decided she wanted to turn left and nearly turned into me. I swerved to avoid being hit, then she slammed on her brakes and ended up going behind me and into the lane to my left. She was laughing it up on her cellphone and using one hand to drive. Guess she and all these other folks think the laws weren't meant for them. What’s the matter with people?

Gina Moore

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