Trying to cross Cañada Boulevard in Glendale

I want to thank Gina Moore for stopping at the intersection of Cañada Boulevard and El Rito Avenue because I was the pedestrian she wrote about who was trying to cross the street (“Disheartened by Glendale drivers,” Mailbag, Aug. 17).

I am used to trying to cross Cañada at this point and have often stood for several minutes to catch just the right moment between distant red lights to make my move. I try not to disrupt the flow of traffic, most of which is moving at speeds exceeding the speed limit. I love having the Glendale Police Department run sting operations at this intersection and have watched them cite several drivers within a 10-minute period.

In the 40 years I have lived in this area, Moore was one of maybe 20 people who have actually come to a stop to let me cross. As she sat there that day with cars whizzing by, many of them honking at her or giving her dirty looks, I did try to wave her on because I was concerned that she was going to be rear-ended. I also marveled at the fact she insisted on doing the right thing, even though it irritated other drivers.

When the postman joined me, we discussed the indifference of the drivers who consider Cañada a semi-freeway. I don't envy him because his job requires making a crossing several times a day — he should certainly qualify for hazard pay.

So thank you, Gina Moore, I truly appreciated the one person that didn't consider me invisible.

Joan Mandell

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