Reaction to 'Liberty' is shameful

Re: “Liberty called into question,” Aug. 25. I had no idea that today in America, the word “liberty” had become so offensive. It certainly cannot be considered an advertisement now, can it, because it's something that cannot be bought.

It does say a great deal about the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. You would think that something horrible and distasteful was being viewed by our drivers on the Glendale (2) Freeway. And the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety's reaction? A ridiculous penalty. This mindset is just unacceptable. Surely we cannot let them classify this as if it were an act of terrorism.

If this is what America has become, that we react to the word “liberty” as if it were unlawful, tainted and wrong, then we should be ashamed.

Edwina L. Hughes

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