Building a case against Glendale development

With regard to the substantial amount of recent and ongoing development in Glendale, have the members of the City Council — as well as any environmental review studies — thoroughly considered the following issues in approving all of these developments?

Traffic congestion, especially having only a few freeway accesses; air pollution; owners’, renters’ and guest parking; business parking, including the Americana and the Galleria; police, fire and emergency services; hospitals, doctors, nurses and caregivers; schools and day-care facilities and personnel; electricity, water, sewage and garbage; grocery stores, etc.

In addition, all the construction has affected local businesses, streets and sidewalks, including pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Since there is considerable future construction planned, there will certainly be more inconvenience for the foreseeable future.

It is unfortunate that only five people (the City Council) have the authority to make decisions that affect the lifestyle and character of the city of Glendale forever.

Ruth B. Strand

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