Leaf blowers are dangerous, noisy

Fourteen percent of the people commenting so far on why they are signing the online petition to ban leaf blowers in Glendale mention asthma attacks and allergies. In fact, one mother states:

“The neighbors' gardener kicks up an astonishing amount of dust when they use the leaf blowers … my house looks like we are in the middle of a dust storm … I run to close the windows … so not only does it effect the outside air, but the inside air. My daughter has been admitted to the hospital twice because of her asthma, and this just sets her off immediately. I dread leaf blowers!”

With 8% of Americans (even more than that among children) suffering from asthma, you'd think Glendale City Hall would listen to reason and ban those dangerous, noisy machines, which do not clean anything anyway. They just blow pollutants from one place to another and suspend toxins and allergens in the air.

Please join us by signing the petition and stating the reason why.

Ahuda Gorman

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