President Bush and chemical weapons

When Colin Powell went to the U.N. to rally the nations behind America's intent to invade Iraq, satellite photos were shown of trucks being loaded with deadly chemicals. General Powell, the Congress and the president believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. With that belief, along with the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein on Iraqi citizens, America occupied Iraq but could not find the weapons of mass destruction. As a result, all of the liberals called Bush a liar and condemned him for what they called an unnecessary war.

No one could explain why Hussein continually refused to let UN inspectors into Iraq, or what happened to the weapons of mass destruction. Either Hussein never had them or he cleverly delayed the UN inspectors while hiding them, all the time knowing that an American strike on his country was inevitable. Hussein embarrassed the Bush administration by disposing of his chemical warfare before the U.S. troops could look for them. And the liberals and liberal press criticized Bush and called him a liar.

My theory has always been that Hussein shipped the weapons of mass destruction, including toxic chemicals and gases, to Syria. Since then, Syria has become highly aggressive, supporting Hamas and attacking Lebanon. However, Syria held back using its weapons of mass destruction from Iraq until now. Doesn't anyone wonder where the chemicals used on the Syrian citizens came from? Since Hussein has been overthrown, Syria doesn't have to give back the weapons to Iraq. Instead, Syria has stockpiled them without anyone knowing it and has used them on its own people.

The press and the liberals owe an apology to George Bush who never lied to the public about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Colon Powell, too, should apologize for not standing by Bush, who unfortunately did not have an agency that had all the answers.

Vince Ammirato

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