Central post office should not be sold

I am concerned about the potential sale of Glendale’s central post office. I wish to voice my opposition to the sale.

This is the main post office in Glendale. It is centrally located, convenient to the business and city government district, and is one of the few remaining classic architectural delights of downtown Glendale. It has many post office boxes for those who need them, and adequate parking for USPS vehicles.

If financial constraints dictate eliminating postal facilities, I would suggest doing away with some branch post offices. A good place to start would be the La Crescenta post office on Foothill Boulevard. It lacks a sidewalk mailbox that can be used conveniently by motorists. A motorist must get out of his or her car in order to post a letter. Parking for customers is very limited and use of the parking lot is awkward and inconvenient, often with cars backing up into the side street waiting for access to one of the few parking sites. Although this is my nearest post office, I almost always use the branch in Verdugo City because of the reasons mentioned above.

D.D. Trent
La Crescenta

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