Dan Hutson's 'spin' on Twelve Oaks was offensive

I was offended by Dan Hutson’s attempt to put a positive spin on be.group’s eviction of 50 senior citizens from the Twelve Oaks assisted living facility (“Be.group offers Twelve Oaks defense,” Mailbag, Sept. 18). My 94-year-old mother, Sara, is one of the residents forced out of Twelve Oaks by the be.group, with only 60 days to find a new home.

Regarding Hutson’s assertion that the be.group is paying moving expenses and providing the services of a relocation company, no such offer was included in the letters we received. The be.group representative made no mention of relocation services. The only “assistance” received from the be.group was their representative handing us brochures for other be.group facilities.

That Hutson is somehow “pleased” that three-quarters of the residents have already left Twelve Oaks is shameful. These seniors are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. They were forced to leave behind their friends, familiar surroundings and an established way of life. Although my mother moved to another facility, she is distraught, confused and cannot understand what happened to herself or her friends. The experience has been devastating and heartbreaking.

Our family is grateful to the employees at Twelve Oaks who looked after Sara over the years. Unfortunately, my understanding is that many of these kind and thoughtful people will be without jobs when Twelve Oaks closes. I doubt they will be comforted by Hutson’s platitudes.

Hutson’s assertion that be.group’s effort “to ensure the best possible outcome” were “largely lost” is not surprising, given the harm inflicted on these seniors. Hopefully, we will all learn from this experience and avoid putting our parents or ourselves in a be.group facility.

Steve Kovarik

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