Hire ambulance service, not firefighters

The other night the City Council decided to hire 15 new firefighters. These individuals know that after 30 years, they will be earning considerably more than their starting salary, plus a lifetime pension at age 55.

Being a fire fighter is hazardous, but according to the Department of Labor Statistics, being a fire fighter is not listed among the top-10 most dangerous jobs.

The majority of fire calls are medical in nature. So why not hire an ambulance service company at a significant savings and save more money by placing all new hires on Social Security and a 401(k) plan?

Why do our city council members always look for the “sympathy vote” for the fire fighters when they bring up 9/11, knowing those NYC firefighters worked in a neighborhood of tall buildings, and not a suburban city like Glendale?

Unfortunately, I believe that for the next four years council members Friedman and Najarian to protect and serve the fire union as they both benefited from independent expenditure contributions in their 2013 election.

Mike Mohill

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