Speaking out in favor of be.group

Re: “Treatment of Twelve Oaks seniors is shameful,” GNP editorial, Sept. 16. “Never argue with anyone who buys ink by the barrel.” I’m not here to argue with the editor, but to say that you should be ashamed of the way you characterized be.group’s planned closure of Twelve Oaks without having all the facts. 

For the past three years I have lived in a be.group senior living community and my experience has been nothing but positive. The press has implied these residents are being thrown out on the street. The truth is, they have been given the opportunity to relocate to another be.group community at the same rate even if they move to a more expensive facility. Packing and moving is being done at no cost to them. The staff is being given the opportunity to transfer to another be.group facility if they choose to relocate. And all this was begun prior to the press being involved.

Of course this is an unsettling situation, moving is never easy. But I’ll venture to say some of these folks will be very grateful when they are in their new homes.

Mary Ann Prelock

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