Twelve Oaks Lodge residents' networks have been broken

Re: “ offers Twelve Oaks defense,” Mailbag, Sept. 18. The Twelve Oaks spokesperson did nothing to “defend” their heartless closing but rather just stated where the residents went. It is appalling to me that a nonprofit organization would willfully disrespect the spirit of its trust agreement to continue retirement housing. I find it hard to believe this is legal.

Moving can be stressful for any age, but older persons are especially vulnerable to a condition known as Relocation Stress Syndrome. The older adult is most vulnerable to develop RSS due to declining physical health, emotional status, and often lack of coping skills. RSS can lead to depression and cognitive confusion.

Older persons suffer more when they lose the routine and predictability of life. There is the loss of roles, identity, and connectedness. These residents are not widgets that can be shuffled off to some other cost-effective living space. The has not recognized that the residents’ whole familiar friend and staff network has been broken.

Sally Hoover

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