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Pot dispensaries carry too many risks for Glendale

Re: “The case for marijuana dispensaries,” Mailbag, Sept. 11. I disagree with virtually every opinion the writer offers in support of allowing pot dispensaries in Glendale.

While various government entities have relaxed the rules for marijuana use and passed medical marijuana laws, the fact is the majority of users are recreational pot smokers, some using unwarranted or fraudulent doctors’ “recommendations.”


The writer’s argument that the city is losing tax revenues to neighboring cities may be true. But any revenues would be largely offset by the cost of necessary enforcement.

Pot dispensaries attract crime, mostly from users, or by robbers attracted to a business with lots of money on hand, and the pot itself. The security doors, bars and buzzers aren’t there to keep out kids; they’re there for the protection of the dispensary itself from thieves and, perhaps, even law enforcement. Whether there are legal pot shops or not, there will still be street hustlers selling drugs to our children.


Recently a local paper noted that there are about 10 pot stores along Foothill Boulevard through Tujunga/Sunland either opened or about to open. This is about double the real pharmacies along the same strip. Is there really more need for pot stores than drugstores?

There are some legitimate uses for medical marijuana. If and when the law requires that “medical” marijuana be prescribed by licensed physicians and be sold through licensed pharmacists, then I might be persuaded that sales of that drug be permitted in Glendale.

John Hindsill