Letter: Twelve Oaks and corporate greed

I think we have all seen blatant corporate greed, but what has been happening at Twelve Oaks Lodge is beyond belief.

I encourage residents to immediately email City Council members urging them to follow the recommendation of Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Silver Lake) and enact an ordinance blocking the sale until the legality of the property transfer/notification of residents can be determined.

A good place for readers to begin getting information on this issue is Katherine Yamada’s article describing Twelve Oaks as affordable senior housing in a home-like setting under the oaks at www.glendalenewspress.com.

I also urge them to research MonteCedro in Altadena. It is a sad story involving displacing seniors and replacing their affordable home with a giant, expensive 60+ community that doesn’t fit the neighborhood.

Many Twelve Oaks residents have already left as they were only given 60 days (the legal minimum) to find new homes. The be.group was quoted as saying they might help some relocate, but only if they move to one of their properties.

I’m confident residents will move quickly to ensure the right thing is done for our senior citizens and our community.

Susan Bowen
La Crescenta

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