Letter: Alameda Avenue needs sidewalks

Earlier this year, I received a notice from the Glendale Public Works informing me that along with street enhancement, sidewalks were going to be installed on Alameda Avenue between Glenwood Road and Bel Aire Drive. I was absolutely overjoyed. Those that need to walk on Alameda have always taken their lives in their own hands.

Unfortunately, last week I received the letter informing me that the planned sidewalk installation was going to be dropped. The reason given was that the overriding sentiment of the residents was to save the tree canopy.

While I too love the trees on my street, during the Aug. 7 community meeting to discuss the street improvements, the representatives from Public Works said that these trees were at the end of their life cycle and would most likely be coming down in the next few years. According to the letter, trees will still be removed as part of the street improvements.

Surprisingly, this letter said nothing of the main reason given for sidewalk installation at the community meeting — the safety of those that need to walk down the street. With Glendale’s track record, the city needs to step up its efforts for pedestrian safety.

Since the city has now publicly acknowledged that there is already a safety issue on Alameda but is ignoring it, it is now liable for any future pedestrian accident.

My house on Alameda will be affected by the sidewalk installation. I will lose a wonderfully large tree, a good portion of my front yard, will need landscaping redesigned and have a driveway wall severed in order to facilitate the sidewalk's installation. Still, I believe that sidewalks are an absolute necessity for our street.

Jack Messitt

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