Letter: Relic of a columnist shows little acumen

“Is the civil grand jury relevant?”--Ron Kaye, Sept. 29.

I have long suspected that Ron Kaye has been assigned to provide cover for the Glendale City Council. This essay goes a long way toward that conclusion. His amazingly superficial analysis and bitter conclusions leave gaping holes of relevant information that the public must consider. For Kaye to proclaim that the report is “meaningless nonsense” is as much a testament on Kaye's ignorance of city finances as his lack of involvement in the city's affairs.

Since when does the racial or gender make-up of a jury determine the ability to reason on financial matters? Their level of education and experience does, but Kaye does not tell us.

There are two key sources of information that the civil grand jury relied on. One was the audited financial statements, the other was a self-survey by cities on their practices.

That's why Glendale ranked third, along with Vernon, on their practices but on the audited reports they both ranked fairly low on core financial ratios.

One thing must change, though. It is the Glendale News-Press relying on an old relic of a columnist who has demonstrated little financial acumen on city finances and whose reasoning faculties, as demonstrated by his opinions, often fail him. But, if you want to spin your kids' bad grades, call Kaye.

Herbert Molano

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