Letter: Using leaf blowers should be illegal

I would really like to go out on my patio and do yoga right now, but I can't. Why? There's a leaf blower going across the street, and the dust cloud over my house as a result would make me choke and sneeze.

I used to enjoy life in my house in Glendale's temperate climate with my windows open most of the time, but I can't anymore. Why? Because there are leaf blowers running in my neighborhood every day of the week, and the dust and grime that comes in through my windows is terrible. So now I'm forced to keep my windows closed most of the time and waste energy running my air conditioner.

I have a recording studio in my house and used to enjoy having musicians and actors come and work here but I can't anymore. Why? Because nearly every hour of every day, there will be a leaf blower going somewhere in my neighborhood and it will destroy any attempts at a good-sounding recording.

Leaf blowers are destroying the quality of life for those of us that would like to enjoy our homes and neighborhoods in Glendale. They create terrible health hazards, increases in allergies and asthma, noise pollution and worse. They are completely unnecessary, they make no positive contribution to our community or our tax base, and it's time to make them illegal here.

Paul Berolzheimer

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