Letter: City is good steward of parkland

We the People tend to do a lot of complaining. I guess that’s how we sometimes get things done.

But as I contemplate the future of the Rockhaven property and buildings, I have been filled with amazement and appreciation at how gracious and patient the city of Glendale is being. Their attitude of wanting the community’s involvement and sensitivity to our hopes and wishes is awe-inspiring. They want to work with us and want us to work with them.

When I think about the vision they had for Deukmejian Park and the time they were willing to take to make it happen, I am grateful. It is a beautiful, well-tended park with access to great trails into the wilderness. And at the same time the history is not just being preserved, but appreciated, with the inclusion of the vineyards and the Stonebarn Conservancy.

Glendale is showing itself to be a conscientious steward of its parkland and respect for its involved citizens. I am so pleased to realize this and want to thank them.

And I want to remind the citizens to be active in making this city a place in which they enjoy living.

Joanna Linkchorst, head chair, Friends of Rockhaven
La Crescenta

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