Letter: The city and its crazy drivers

I've been living here 10 years now and Glendale drivers have become more and more inconsiderate.

I have been involved in three accidents in seven months (I was not at fault) mainly because the city has too many young drivers driving expensive and fast cars. They need to show off their toys, and often.

They do not respect the law; they are on the phone or texting, eating or applying makeup. They are distracted and don't notice a stop sign, a pedestrian, a light or other drivers.

One recent morning I was driving on Garfield Avenue. It's a residential area and there is a school, so the speed limit is 25 mph. A driver in a brand new white Cadillac was speeding and passing cars from one lane to the other. I got so annoyed and scared I stayed back. He almost ran the red light at Chevy Chase and Glendale Avenue. When I stopped next to him, I took a look at the driver. He was young and was texting up a storm.

As for pedestrians, it's become a challenge. I have stopped running like I used to because I almost got knocked over five times. It angers me because I love the outdoors, running or walking; but I'm afraid.

This affecting my health because I stropped running I gained 10 pounds. Now, I have no choice but to leave Glendale to its crazy drivers. I'm moving at the end of the month and will not miss it. I will no longer drive to work, but walk or catch a bus.

Glendale has lost its luster. It's a nightmare to drive or walk without fear of being hit.

Rimona Seay

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