Letter: City's approach to safety is a failure

It is a sad and irrefutable fact that Glendale has become the center of homicidal maniac drivers of mostly expensive, high-powered cars who threaten our life and limb. The solution to the problem offered by our learned city fathers/mothers to the mayhem caused by these people is to “make a study” with U.C. Berkeley and ask the aforementioned maniacs to be polite and careful not to kill us.

It is time to admit that this approach has been a failure, and that these misfits are becoming even more dangerous with time.

Traffic signals, rights of way, dividing lines and speed limits are considered by them to be mere suggestions. The solution to this is quite simple, really, and it will be cost-effective.

The City Council must stop wasting our time and money on more and never-ending studies that lead nowhere and instead, place many traffic police officers on the streets. The police officers must apply draconian enforcement of our traffic laws with generous fines, license suspensions and car impoundments.

While we are at it, let them also go after the careless pedestrians who enter the streets oblivious to moving traffic and cause accidents.

This is a top priority in our city and must be addressed.

Please, City Council, spend some time and money on traffic law enforcement and stop squandering it on frivolous other pursuits. (Does anyone remember the $70 millions spent on “smart” meters?)

My projection is that with the present quality of drivers, the city stands to profit enormously from the fines alone, plus many of them will be removed from our streets.

Theodore Polychronis

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