Letter: Glendale to become another Bell?

There we go again, our glorious city council showing us why the city of Bell went down, building here, building there, buildings everywhere being constructed or approved to increase the traffic and to overpopulate Glendale, our beloved bedroom city. It must be a requirement for the members to at least once a week walk the streets and talk to the people, and of course listen to who elected them, because the two minutes for public comment at the council meetings are a scam.

Leaf blowers? Right now they have on the TV a vacuum for leaves, with much less noise and less pollution. An ordinance to stop the pollution of the blowers? No, but construction approvals right and left.

Cyclists running stop signs and lights? Yes. Controlling them, and the texters in their cars? No. But construction approvals are given daily.

An ordinance to have the wheelchair users to have a florescent banner two to three feet high so they are visible at any time and place? No. But the GWP funds are being used to cover financial glitches.

I think the city council is elected to do what the electorate voted them for and not for their tantrums, like Mayor Dave Weaver saying he will come down from the dais to beat a person talking. He was voted into office by the council. Why are elections being held if the elected people never follow their promises and always screw the people with their selfish personal acts that are in no way for the benefit of the citizenship?

I really hope that Glendale won't become another city of Bell.

Joe Zuazua

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