Letter: Development would badly affect area

Re: the development at 4201 Pennsylvania Ave., Mayor Dave Weaver recently said, “No offense folks, but you folks who live up north say it’s going to impact you, I say how.” Let me address this in two parts.

Egress from the location onto Pennsylvania Avenue, especially during morning and evening rush hours, would be a hazard and an accident waiting to happen. Southbound traffic hugs the right curbside lane in order to access the westbound 210 Freeway, thus creating congestion at the very point of the proposed driveway.

Conversely, if someone wishes to gain entrance to the 210 eastbound, the distance required to safely maneuver to the left turn lane to accomplish this is too short. The proposed development will have 30 town homes that could house two working adults and perhaps young adults that drive. If you add to this equation guest parking, a conservative estimate of spaces needed approaches 80.

The location has virtually no off-street parking available and would be in competition with the larger multi-unit complex just to the north. The tenants of this new complex would be dealing with the constant truck and auto noise along with the accompanying dust and dirt. Even a 40-foot-high block wall would be of no assistance. Can you even fathom the health and environmental impact this would create?

Now I would like to address the part of Mayor Weaver’s quote in which he refers to “you folks who live up north.” We are not the people who live up north, we are residents of Glendale who happen to believe in quality-of-life issues. We realize, however, that Mayor Weaver has never seen a tax-generating development he disliked or disapproved of, no matter the consequences.

Santo N. Marino
La Crescenta

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