Letter: Task force needs to get to work

I recently spoke before our City Council and the Transportation and Parking Commission and highly recommended that our city offer a $50,000 reward for any hit-and-run driver who causes injury or death to any person in Glendale.

Hit-and-run accidents are becoming rampant and everything possible needs to be done to bring these persons to justice and make them pay for their crime.

No one knows the pain that families go through when they become victims of these nasty, dirty crimes.

My wife and I lost our son to a hit-and-run driver and we know what it is like. The response I received was the city will establish a task force to make recommendations to the council. This is a no-brainier decision and if our council does not do this soon we will lose all confidence in both council and staff. Any one person could be the next victim, along with their family.

Larry Moorehouse

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