Letter: Traffic problems are by the city's design

The city of Glendale has a very negative reputation for traffic problems, both for vehicles and pedestrians. Motorists do not upon entering the city become irresponsible. They are simply complying with the city's position that everything must be done to not impede the flow of traffic.

So, when we read about hit and runs, traffic accidents, failed stops and speeding in Glendale, we now know the answer. Motorists “hit” can “run” because if they stopped, they would be impeding the flow of traffic. It is the same for speeding and failed stops: Motorists are following the Golden Rule in Glendale — do not impede the flow of traffic.

That is Glendale's traffic solution in a nutshell. There does not need to be any more education on the subject.

Carole Weling

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