Letter: Police have more than one focus

Re: “Police efforts miss the point,” Mailbag, Nov. 9. I read with sympathy the letter of Theodore Polychronis bemoaning police stinging prostitutes and johns when there are hit-and-runs going on.

I would point out that only occasionally do police make these prostitution stings, so most days I would think it does not reduce the number of cops watching traffic.

Also, you have to think that some awful crimes take place around prostitutes. For example, think of the Green River Killer, who targeted prostitutes (he was convicted of killing 49 women). Also, it's rather hard for police to stop hit-and-runs because no one is going to commit one when they see a black-and-white in the vicinity. They're going to do it where there are no police, and the police can't be everywhere at once. Maybe you could install cameras all over the city, but does Mr. Polychronis want to give up his privacy for that?

One thing might be to increase people's empathy, so people drive how they wish others would drive when they're out walking.

Greg Dahlen

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