Letter: No comfort found in a can of worms

The so-called comfort-women statue is one of the biggest mistakes of the City Council in the last 10 years! Why should we be involved in an international matter? So far we have caused controversy among the Japanese and Korean media. We are not happy and they are not happy.

When you open a can of worms there is only one solution: Throw it away as fast as you can. We can send the statue to Koreatown or we can sell it on EBay, I don't care. Just get rid of it, council members.

You made the mistake the first time for wanting it here. We the people never wanted it. Now that the can of worms has been opened, the smell of it is going to give us headaches the rest of our life.

It is not going away unless we do something about it.

Martik Abramian

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