Letter: Armenian rug should go on display

A News-Press article describes the signing of a petition urging President Barack Obama to display a rug woven by Armenian orphans in 1920.

This was a time of struggle for Armenians. The world had suffered the first genocide of the 20th century where more than 1.5-million human beings were killed brutally. Men were castrated for no reproduction and even pregnant women were abused, raped and killed. Imagine dead bodies of more than a million innocent humans who were killed just because they were Armenian.

This situation wasn't and isn't right morally. It is my strongest belief that this woven rug should be displayed to show respect to all the people who were killed during those days. We all are human and when we see someone dying we are deeply disappointed and lost. Therefore, I urge everyone to sign a petition that will be live through Nov. 24 on the website whitehouse.gov. Click on “View Petition” and look for “Share Armenian Orphan Rug with the Armenian people.” This will help humanity get a better knowledge about the Armenian Genocide.

Aleksandr Balayan

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