Letter: Glendale officials got the job done

A big thank you to the following people with the city of Glendale who worked miracles getting the K-rails removed from under the 5 Freeway at Sonora Avenue. As everyone living in this area knows, Caltrans has completely abandoned any and all work of the freeway widening project for several months.

Thanks to:

Laura Friedman, the one city council member who took up my cause.

Scott Ochoa, city manager, who actually cared enough to email me, not once, but three times! And actually listened and understood.

Roubik Golanian, city engineer, who actually came out to the site and apparently agreed that the K-rails should not be there.

A miracle happened, within three days those rails were gone! Wow, after eight months.

Kudos to the three of you. Now if you can use those mighty powers to get the southbound side of the 5 Freeway at Western opened and fixed the world will be such a better place.

Thank you all so much for your support

Jim Grumbley

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