Letter: Parking is expensive and hard to find

As a GCC student, I would like to argue about the price of the parking permit. There is no logical reason why the parking permit should be expensive.

Students come to college to get educated, but extra fees like the pricey parking permits make the students worry about how to afford it. Other community colleges like Pierce Community College have lower prices for the parking permits. They charge $27 dollars every semester. It is not fair for the students to be treated unequally in different community colleges.

In addition, there is never an open parking spot at Glendale Community College. Most of the time students arrive late to their classes because they had to drive around the parking lot. This is very inconvenient. If the prices were lower, the inconveniences would have been acceptable. However, we pay too much for the parking, and this is really unnecessary.

Elfrida Hambarsoumian Khanghahi

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